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Forklift Rental Pasir Gudang

07 Nov 2019
Forklift Rental Pasir Gudang
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4 Reasons why you might have a shorten forklift battery life. Remember, the battery is the fuel for an electric forklift.⁠
❤️Look after it and it will look after you.❤️⁠ ⁠
♦️ You might be opportunity charging (i.e. charging during lunch breaks) Remember, each charge costs a cycle. If you charge your battery twice a day you will still get your 1500 cycles, but the will be used up in 2.5 years instead of 5.⁠

♦️ You Didn’t Check water levels nor top up appropriately every 10 or so charges for the first few years.⁠

♦️ You allowed the battery to go completely dead (inoperative). It can take 3 days of continuous charging to bring back to full capacity. It also damages the battery and can have negative effects on the electronics of the forklift⁠

♦️ You didn’t clean the acid residue from the battery which can cause the conductivity can negatively deteriorate battery life (even when not in use) and produce extra heat during recharge.⁠
⁠ ⁠

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